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We understand the value of community on a local and global scale. Karya Kares is dedicated to enriching the lives of people for generations to come.

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Rental Assistance Program

Karya Kares is pleased to announce a Rental Assistance Program (RAP) for our residents.

We believe in strong communities and these are only built with strong foundations with sustainable support. Our support is to offer rental financial assistance for up to $1000 of one month’s rent to select recipients that are experiencing such adversity. While we expect nothing in return, we hope that recipients will recover stronger and become model citizens of our communities and the world.

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Karya and Bridging Gaps Brings Free Water Safety & Swimming Classes for Residents

Karya Kares in association with Bridging Gaps TX is providing free water safety and swimming classes for children, ages 3 – 12 years old at selected Karya Property Management apartments. This exciting collaboration is preparing our residents for life saving skills as well as the ability to enjoy their summer vacations with minimal risk.

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Mission Statement

Karya Kares Foundation is rooted in enriching the lives of generations not only in the community but on a global scale as well. With efforts in cities in the United States or in India, Karya Kares is dedicated to helping those less fortunate get back on their feet with a promise of hope.

Water Education Courses

We as a foundation have unfortunately seen the rise in growing deaths at apartment complexes. Families are destroyed and we feel that through education, these deaths could possibly be prevented. We partnered with a local company to provide Free water education classes for residents at properties that Karya Property Management owns and operates.



Given the recent climate of gun violence that has affected our communities, we felt that it was one of our duties to help promote safer schools. As a foundation, we donated over 5,000 backpacks to school children in the State of Texas.



Breast Cancer Awareness

We partnered with The Rose Group to help raise awareness to both women and men educating the hundreds of residents on preventive healthcare. Providing mobile mammograms to the properties paired with numerous eduction seminars we helped educate and possibly save hundreds of lives.

Relentless focus

After Hurricane Harvey devastated much of the city of Houston, we at Karya Property Management stood by our fellow citizens and raised over $50,000 in direct aid. It was through this action that inspired us to extend our philanthropic efforts on a larger scale. Just as we believe in setting up our residents and employees for long-term, sustainable success, we also believe in doing so for everyday people from all walks of life.

As such, we decided to execute this philosophy into practice in the form of our non-profit, humanitarian outreach initiative, Karya Kares. This program will focus not only on developing US and India based communities but also on efforts to provide relief and comfort to those in need globally. In August of 2018, we provided thousands of transparent backpacks for our residents' school children in order to help combat widespread public shootings. This marked only the beginning as we at Karya plan to meet the world’s challenges head on to build a better future for everyone!

Global Initiative

Whether it is in Houston or in India. Karya Kares Foundation cares deeply for the well-being of all Global citizens. Our initiatives foster hope for all! From help sponsoring events for Cancer Awareness to providing over 5,000 clear backpacks to school age children to promote school safety, Karya Kares Foundation strives daily to impact lives for the better.


    Our founders, Swapnil Agarwal and Vivek Shah, grew up in very humble beginnings on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Swapnil, who moved with his family from India when he was 14 years old, met Vivek in High School in the Alief Independent School System.

    Their journey then took them on to the University of Texas in Austin where they both majored in finance and later moved on to corporate America, but never forgetting where they came from.

    Promising themselves they would give back to the community at the first chance they got, they established a scholarship for aspiring Alief High School students bound for college. This ignited a further calling to give back even further when the opportunity presented itself.

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